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Torrent Video Player

Instantly streams and plays video in the browser directly from BitTorrent.


Stream BitTorrent Video

Stream video from BitTorrent directly in the brwoser without plugins.


Stream Web Video

Streams your existing web video while simultaneoutsly uploading to BitTorrent for redundancy.


Broadcast Live Video

Broadcast video live to BitTorrent and stream to browser viewers in realtime.

Torrent CDN

TorCDN is a network that streams BitTorrent files directly in the browser by leveraging modern P2P technologies, WebTorrent and BitTorrent, bridging them using TorCDNs Hybrid peer network.


BitTorrent in the Browser

Using "Hybrid Peers" TorCDN connects BitTorrent swarms with WebTorrent swarms dynamically for video and audio streaming.


100% Availability

By redundantly distributing media streams via peers we achieve 100% availability on 20% of the hardware of current streaming providers.


100% Compatibility

Modern browsers fully support P2P while older browsers (~20%) fallback to regular video and audio streaming technologies.

Video Streaming

Stream video in any browser with TorCDN's peer to peer network. Access all videos on BitTorrent without any browser plugins.

Stream 4K UHD Video

Stream real 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video with ease. Any size file (100Gb+) can be streamed and re-distributed by viewers faster than regular CDNs with no increased load.

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Torrent Streaming

Stream any BitTorrent video files directly from BitTorrent using our Video Player. Just add a magnet link and it streams "magically" from our TorCDN swarm connected to BitTorrent.

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Optimized Video Streaming

By utilizing peers, browsers can stream video faster and more efficiently then tranditional streaming servers. Video streams are optimized using a low latency peer selection algorithm.

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API and Embed Codes

Embed the Video Player on your website or App to stream directly from BitTorrent.

BitTorrent Video Streaming

To stream bitTorrent you need a magnet link or .torrent file url.

Using a Magnet Link

Using an InfoHash

The infoHash is found in the magnet link after the magnet:?xt=urn:btih: portion.

Live example: JS Bin

Using a .torrent file


Live Video Broadcasting


The broadcaster needs a unique ID


Give the unique ID for the viewers


Static Video Streaming

Given a static video file, TorCDN will progressively stream and share the stream to peers over BitTorrent.

This allows the instant streaming and redundant distribution of any video file given it's URL.

Static Video Embed Code

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